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Our 3-Step Process

Drone Video & Camera


Drone shots will make up anywhere from 20-50% of your video. This is the “Wow” factor that differentiates your property or service or product from others.

Traditional Video

Eye Level

People still want the “eye level” perspective which is why we make sure to get multiple shots of your property, services or product and this is where we tell your story.

Free Marketing


Who says nothing in life is FREE! We take the finished video and put this on your Facebook or You Tube channels + create landing page to capture leads or inquiries. We just made you a breath taking video, now its time to show it off and we want to help (at zero cost).

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Sky Drone Miami will create unique engaging video that your customers will love!

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Sky Drone Miami can help your
company fly past the competition.


Here’s why using drones is a MUST:

  • It creates an instant connection with the viewer
  • It will show your property from a completely different angle
  • It’s creative, and people simply love things that they don’t usually see
  • It will make your property stand out from all the others… even if it’s not as good!
  • And so much more

My name is Tommy and I am the principal drone pilot specializing in aerial videography in South Florida. Not only does drone footage look professional, but it also helps to instantly engage the viewer.

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I LOVE doing things that are out of the box. Things that are interesting,
unique and ultimately, things that are challenging. I love it.

Taking a good idea and using creativity to make it so much better is my passion,
and it’s what fuels my love for SkyDrone Miami.

Having the ability to show an event,
a property or anything else from a unique angle is fun.

My name is Jaime and I’m the marketing guy.

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