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Thomas, the Co-founder of SkyDrone Miami, is a proud father of twin sons and a lucky husband to a beautiful wife. He is also an extremely skilled professional video producer located in Miami, Florida. Passionate about his craft, he has spent the last 10+ years perfecting all aspects of digital video production. His past experience includes working with media giants such as ABC, MTV, and Univision as well as several production companies throughout the country on a wide range of projects both big and small.

In addition to all of his achievements, he is owner and operator of Take Flight Media, a production company that focuses on helping clients grow their local businesses with the use of dynamic and impactful video for their social media platforms.

His main goal with SkyDrone Miami is to provide high quality aerial photography and videography services in South Florida to people who need it. If you need excellent drone footage.

Sky Drone Miami can help your
company fly past the competition.


Jaime is the owner of 30 Leads 30 Days, which is a hybrid Video Production Company & Digital Marketing Agency. He met Tommy, the other Co-founder of Sky Drone Miami while playing basketball, eight years ago. Jaime is the father of two amazing boys and husband to his Colombian soul mate. He’s been in love with marketing and advertising since his teen age years. Jaime studied marketing in university and also did a post-graduate degree in it. In “real life” he worked in different companies, tasked with marketing cars, fast food, credit cards, clothing, supplements and now different client products and services.

Marketing is his passion and particularly the power and influence that video has for customers to educate, promote and sell products and services of any price tag. This is another reason that Jaime started this venture with Tommy as drone videos and photos in Miami will only become more popular with time.

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